Wer ist Chams?

Maybe you are wondering about the name Chams’box. Well, Chams is the name of the bird you probably stumbled across a dozen times on our website.

This eccentric tukan was born in Costa-Rica, where he spent a happy childhood in the jungle, just like every other tukan.

One day however, he found something in the bushes, something that changed his life forever. A hat. A white brimmed hat to be precise. While the other tukans didn’t pay any attention and continued with their normal tukan stuff, Chams was fascinated.

A million questions popped up in his small tukan head over the next days. What was it? Why it was so comfortable to sleep in it? Why was it white? In the middle of the night, while all other tukans where a sleep, the questions kept him awake. The moon stand already high above the jungle when his curiosity finally drove him out of his nest.

He was flying, flying threw the silver branches, illuminated by the shining moon.

He would come back of course, but first he needed answers.

The next morning, all the other tukans woke up with the first glimpses of sunlight falling threw the trees. All except one.

Chams nest was empty. He wasn’t there, neither the white hat.

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